Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Entitlement Future

If health care passes on Sunday (which includes the nationalization of the student loan program), you will dramatically shift the balance between government-run and privately-run business in the United States. Victory for Barrack Obama means that America moves closer to the Greece-Venezuela model of national economics.

The essential core of the Obama-Chavez philosophy is that you make completely outlandish promises that cannot conceivably be funded and you create the public enthusiasm for these promises by arguing that the problems people face are caused by specific industries. In the US, these industries are financial services, insurance, and energy. Obama has devoted much of his efforts to demonizing these industries to gin up support for nationalizing much of these industries under the guise of "protecting consumers." Chavez used exactly the same strategy. The only difference was that Chavez' initial targets were foreign-owned business, though, in time, Chavez nationalized the major domestic Venezuelan industries as well.

Obama, so far, has nationalized the auto industry, the financial service industry, and much of the energy industry (his EPA guidelines, if left in place, have this effect). Tomorrow, Obama hopes to nationalize the health care industry (and the student loan business). Obama, like Chavez, has seen his popularity collapse as he made these nationalization moves, but both of these megalomaniacs are undeterred. Neither gives much thought to public opinion and they surge ahead with their own ideological program.

Obama will probably be stopped by the voters in November, unless he finds a way to "deem" the election without a vote by the American people. This suggestion may strike some as far-fetched, but who would have thought that the most important legislation in a generation could be "deemed" to have passed without a vote?

The Obama-Chavez clique is bent on controlling what their populations do from cradle to grave. Already, Venezuela is suffering rolling blackouts in electricity and shortages in most basic necessities and the Venezuelan economy is in serious danger of collapse. The US can not be far behind. If health care passes, Americans will begin to have serious problems getting health care. While Americans will have insurance, they will no longer have health care. At least one-third of all hospitals will close their doors, if the $ 1/2 Trillion in "medicare savings," contained in the Obamacare legislation, becomes a reality. Insurance, but no health care, will become the day-to-day reality for America's senior citizens.

Obama doesn't care about health care. This entire legislative debate is about who controls the process, not the quality of care or the quantity available. Both quality and quantity will dramatically decline if Obamacare becomes law. Everyone will have insurance, but few, if any, will receive quality health care. Already, medicaid patients have trouble finding doctors that will treat them. Being insured is of little comfort, if no doctor can be found that will treat you. That is our future, if Sunday is a victory for Barrack Obama.