Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Could Have Fooled Me

"I'm tired of talking about it," said the President today. You would never guess what the President was tired of talking about. Health Care Reform! Shocking. I sort of had the impression that Obama loved talking about health care reform, since that is about all he has talked about in his first thirteen months in office.

The suicide mission that the Democrats have embarked upon is in full motion. Will they end up at the bottom of the lake or merely struggling in deep water? That is the question. If Obama succeeds, the vast majority of Americans will find out, even before November of 2012 that Obama has lied to them. Their current health insurance will become a thing of the past. The concern and anger that this will engender will last for generations.

Democrats are always pointing to the passage of social security and medicare, but in those two cases, no citizen lost their current retirement system or was forced to give up their current health insurance. The only people affected (leaving aside taxpayers) were folks who now had a new entitlement. The Congress did not fund either of these programs properly and it was not until many years later that it became apparent that these were ponzi schemes. So, at least in the early years, there were no losers, only winners, when social security and medicare were born.

Not so with Obamacare. The 85 percent of Americans who have health insurance (and the vast majority like what they have) will lose their current plan. Then they will find out what Obamacare really is: much higher premiums (at least double current premiums in the short run) and dramatically reduced health care reimbursements. So, they will get to pay a lot more for significantly less. It's not likely they will warm to this. Or begin to like it better with time as the American health care system degenerates to the quality level of American public schools, which have already felt the imprimatur of the big government crowd.

Obama, Pelosi and Reid are leading the Democrats over the cliff and if they are successful, the public will not forgive the Democratic party for generations. The losers, which will be the vast majority of Americans, will not soon get used to reduced health care availability at a dramatically higher cost thanks to Barrack Obama. Obama is asking Democrats to swallow a poison pill. No wonder he's tired of talking about it.