Tuesday, March 30, 2010

NY Times Has a Good Article

Yes! It's true. I read the NY Times religiously every day hoping against hope that I will find an intelligently written, balanced treatment of some economic and/or financial subject. So far, this year has been disappointing.

Until today. Today's article by Mary Williams Walsh on state finances is a jewel. Ms. Walsh deftly analyzes the problems of state budgets and quotes the most knowledgeable researchers on the issue. It is a must read.

Three cheers for the NY Times. One balanced article in three months is something of a record for them.

But, unfortunately, I read on and got to today's article by Bill Carter entitled "CNN Fails to Stop Fall in Ratings." Carter seems puzzled as to why CNN, MSNBC, and all the major networks are collapsing in the ratings. Guess who isn't .... Fox! Listen to this howler in Carter's absurd article:

"CNN executives have steadfastly said that they will not change their approach to prime-time programs, which are led by hosts not aligned with any partisan point of view."

Is he kidding? Unless you assume that slavish devotion to Obama is a non-partisan view of things, there is no sense in which CNN hosts are non-partisan. They are all advocates of the extreme left (think Chavez) point of view.

Contrary to Bill Carter's view of things, Fox is the only network on television that provides both sides to every story. The major networks, including CNN, insult the viewers intelligence by providing only the most slanted pro-liberal view of every topic. Recall the sledgehammering treatment of Sarah Palin? There is no sense in which the major networks are news reporters in the modern era. They are merely mouthpieces for the far, far left.

If you want to see both sides of every major political issue, go to Fox News. You will hear Harold Dean on virtually every day. Last I checked he was one of the most left wing folks on the planet and former Chairman of the Democratic National Committee....not exactly a right-wing idealogue. What right winger do you ever see (except lampooned) on CNN?

There is no difference between CNN reporting and White House spin -- they are identical. Since you get to hear White House spin by listening to Fox, who needs to see the "spin" repeated ad nauseum by CNN?

Thank goodness for Fox News...Fox is truly fair and balanced. The major networks are completely irresponsible and biased.

The public is right to choose Fox over the major networks as their main source of the news. No doubt, Congress and Obama will try to find a way to silence Fox as they have attempted to silence their corporate critics. Fox is a winner!