Monday, March 29, 2010

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Among the many lies that President Obama told about the health care legislation was the lie that the legislation would provide ordinary Americans with the same health care options that Congress has for itself. That lie was repeated hundreds of times by the President. If Obama were Pinocchio, he would have trouble getting through the White House door.

The truth is:

There was an amendment presented to the bill that would require Congress and their staffs to have the same plans as those mandated in the legislation. The Democrats voted overwhelmingly to reject the amendment. They (like the vast majority of ordinary Americans) prefer what they currently have and do not want it replaced by Obamacare. Pelosi and Reid voted to keep their current insurance program and not see it replaced by Obamacare.

In fact:

The current Congressional program permits hundreds of different choices for Congressman, their staffs, and their families. Those choices are similar to what we once had available for ordinary Americans before big government got in the way.

Shame on Obama for lying about this very important topic.