Sunday, March 21, 2010

Listen to Tim Cahill

Tim Cahill is the Treasurer of Massachusetts. He says the Obamacare plan, that was put in to place in Massachusetts by then-Governor Mitt Romney and the Democratic Legislature, is bankrupting the state. He says it has added $ 4.2 billion to Massachusetts spending while insuring an additional 400,000 (a pitifully low number given the costs) to the ranks of the insured.

Cahill says that all of the cost estimates turned out to be woefully low. The actual cost of Obamacare is Massachusetts is turning out to be dramatically higher than projections. Additionally, community hospitals are closing in droves as the reimbursement rates are being forced lower.

So, the upshot of the Massachusetts plan? Higher costs and declining quality of health care for everyone.

Massachusetts, like Europe, cannot afford "free" health care. Another promise that can't be funded.

When Obama says, "we are the only civilized nation that cannot afford universal health care," he is dead wrong. No one can afford "free" universal health care. Massachusetts and Europe are finding this out. We will find it out if Obamacare makes it through the House today.