Saturday, March 27, 2010

Restore the Medicare Cuts

Contained in the Obamacare legislation is more than $ 650 billion in cuts to the existing medicare programs. This means that old folks, who have no options, will be denied health care that has been promised for years. This denial of promised benefits will be decided purely by the whims of government bureaucrats. This is a foretaste of our future.

This should be opposed.

Promises should be kept for our senior citizens before opening a brand new entitlement to younger folks who still have alternatives, which seniors, now, don't have. Medicare is a completely stupid system. No doubt about that. But, if you put it in place and old folks are dependent upon it, you cannot, as Obama has done, cruelly and callously, pull the rug out from under them, once they are in a position of dependency. Obama has no moral core. He is willing to abandon the promise to senior citizens to further his political career.

This should be stopped.

Congress should completely restore the $ 650 billion in medicare cuts that are in the Obamacare legislation. This is not "fiscal responsibility." This is callous disregard for human life and the dependency that medicare has foisted upon our elder citizens. Promises should be honored, especially to those who no longer have real alternatives. There should be no new entitlements unless money is provided. Stealing from our helpless seniors, as Obama has chosen to do, is not acceptable.

Shame on Obama. Shame on the Democrats.