Monday, March 22, 2010

Health Care Loses 219-212

The House of Representatives passed the Senate Bill last night 219-212. Thus health care in America accelerates its descent toward a dysfunctional and unresponsive health care system. Following the path blazed by the public education system, we are now turning over an important segment of American life to Washington bureaucrats. The results will be similar. Within a decade, most Americans will be scared to even enter most public hospitals, as they currently are scared to enter most public schools in America.

Doctors will quit in droves, hospitals will close. What Americans will have is insurance (mis-named, since Obamacare is really just a government takeover of the health care system). What Americans won't have is health care. Virtually every American who now has health insurance will lose their insurance. Instead they will be forced to take on an Obama-blessed insurance policy that is a one-size-fits-all policy. It will be illegal to sell (and therefore to buy) a health insurance policy tailored to your own specific needs. The health insurance market place will disappear. You will only be able to purchase an Obama-plan and if you don't purchase what Obama wants you to purchase, you may find yourself in prison for failure to make that purchase.

When something becomes an economic "right" as opposed to a political right (like free speech), then the government must produce it (according to Obama-ites). Since there is no limit to the economic "rights" of the citizenry, everything, under the Obama blueprint, will be government controlled and provided. This means something akin to old Soviet system or the Chinese system prior to the 1990s. Everyone will be guaranteed access to a worthless product. So, rhetoric triumphs reality and the greatest economic engine in history (the US economy) will be permanently mired in stagnation.

This is what happens when public policy is determined in the coffee houses of Harvard.