Friday, November 27, 2009

The Jobs Summit -- Another Obama Joke

Having done everything possible to kill jobs and discourage employers from hiring, President Obama has now decided to hold a "Jobs Summit." The job that he seems most concerned about is his own. It is now obvious to everyone that this President has no understanding of even the simplest of economic principles.

Watch for the President to formulate some type of program that would reward his few remaining supporters. This is not about jobs; it is about politics. This President has no interest in creating jobs. If he was, he would immediately abandon "cap and trade" and "Obamacare" and focus his attention on proposals that would encourage free markets to produce jobs. An example of this might be a proposal that would lower payroll taxes or lower income or capital gains taxes. But, Obama's agenda is the exact opposite.

The President will not be happy until unemployment climbs above 15 percent. If he succeeds in getting Obamacare and Cap-and-Trade passed, he can probably get there. But the public is opposed, by very large numbers, to both of these proposals. The public has a better understanding of Economics than this President. Thank goodness.