Thursday, November 26, 2009

On to Copenhagen

Now that the Asian photo-ops are over, President Obama is off to Copenhagen. As the evidence for climate change induced by mankind's carbon emissions has exploded in a cascade of fraud and political chicanery, the President, undaunted by the facts, is headed off to Copenhagen in the attempt to drive some more stakes into the staggering health of the US econoomy.

Serious scientists no longer believe there is any evidence of global warming. Indeed, the emerging concensus seem to favor a coming ice age. No doubt, the "political" climatologists (think Al Gore), will eventually decide that "global cooling" is the real problem. Conveniently, the Al Gores of the world will then discover that only if the US economy returns to the stone age can we prevent a new ice age. Gore's view is that if everyone but Gore himself will lower their carbon footprint, then we can be saved.

So, off he goes...our young and inexperienced President. The gang at Copenhagen will love him, no doubt. Unfortunately for Obama, the folks in Copenhagen don't vote in the US. Folks in the US no longer buy the global warming myth and would prefer that the President shelve his global warming crusade and focus on real problems, like unemployment and a staggering US economy. Trips to Asia and to the Baltic, no doubt, serve to take the President's mind off the real problems that face ordinary Americans. But, that doesn't make these real problems any less problems.

Americans are worried about the economy and their jobs. They oppose the various Obamacare plans under consideration by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Americans are also dubious about Obama's climate change agenda. They wish the President had some interest in their real problems, not his goofy left wing agenda. But the "change" President doesn't appear willing to change any time soon.