Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Jobs Summit? Is He Kidding?

You have to admit that this President has a sense of humor if not a sense of direction. Now as the unemployment rate roars into double digit territory, the President, at last, seems to have taken notice. Having proposed one job killing measure after another since taking office, the President and his merry band now wonder why the unemployment rate is roaring along and the economy is mired in a very deep recession.

Get a message to this President....somebody, please....if you want people to hire people, give them some incentive to do so. Why make employees so expensive and so toxic (with litigation threats because of age, gender, race, etc.) that all employers want to do is reduce their work force. Isn't their anyone in the White House that gets it. Economics 101.

This White House seems to think that raising the minimum wage and making health care more expensive and more burdensome to businesses (and raising everyone's electrical bills to further cool off an already cooling global environment) is an inducement to hire employees. What a joke? No one in this administration seems to have any idea how jobs get created. The Obama folks seem to think that raising taxes on businesses, raising taxes on families and mandating more employer costs for employees will encourage hiring.

And now, a jobs summit. Obama's statement today is priceless:

"We all know there are limits to what government can and should do even during such difficult times, but we have an obligation to consider every additional responsible step that we can to encourage and accelerate job creation in this country."

Is he kidding? How can this be a serious statement, given the Obama jobs-killing agenda. I am surprised that they haven't proposed a law mandating that hiring an employee be made a criminal offense. It's getting pretty close to that already.

The polls now show clearly that the public has figured out that Obama has no idea about the economics of unemployment and they are angry. The public is nearly two to one opposed to Obamacare and they are taking it out on Democratic candidates according to recent polls in Connecticut and Ohio.

Even staunch Obama fans like Bob Herbert of the NY Times can see where this is going. Herbert's opinion piece in the NY Times on November 9th, entitled "A Word, Mr. President" shows that even liberal Democrats are fed up with the Obama Adminstration's preoccupation with destroying our health care system and are urging the President to shelve that agenda and focus on the economy and unemployment.

Health care is dead, cap and trade is dead, card check is dead. This is a failed presidency and it is only ten months old.