Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Seismic Shift in Independant Voters

The numbers were dramatic yesterday in both Virginia and New Jersey. In 2008, independent voters in both states favored Obama. By nearly two to one margins, independents yesterday voted for the Republican gubernatorial candidate in both Virginia and New Jersey. That dramatic shift reflects lots of things, no doubt. But, clearly the Obama economic policies do not sit well with these voters. Exit polls said that "economic issues" were the top area of concern for more than eighty percent of the voters in both states.

The exception was the 23rd district race in New York State, where 55 percent of the voters chose candidates supporting the Obama programs. The peculiar dynamics of that three way race may explain the outcome, but, on the issues, the results were favorable to the Obama program.

But, Virginia and New Jersey were the big enchiladas and the results from independents should help focus the White House on measures to aid the ailing economy instead of more programs designed to crush it. Hopefully, this will put the brakes on health care legislation, cap and trade and card check -- all programs that threaten the economy with no offsetting benefit.