Friday, November 6, 2009

Obamacare Is Dead

There will be no health care "reform." Obamacare is dead.

The centerpiece of the Obama legislative program will never make it. It may, narrowly, pass the House of Representatives on Saturday, but the chances in the Senate have dimmed dramatically. There is some chance the vote will fail in the House on Saturday. We shall see. The AMA and the AARP may be supportive, but their membership is not.

History buffs will note the striking similarity between Clinton's first year in office and Obama's. Both stumbled on health care "reform." Clinton wisely abandoned the effort. Obama seems determined to go down with the ship. If, by some miracle, Obamacare survives, Obama will be drowned by voter revulsion in 2012. Clinton woke up; Obama sleeps on.

Obama turns out to be a tone deaf politician. Who would have expected that?