Saturday, May 29, 2010

Oil Spill is not Obama's Fault

Anytime something unfortunate happens these days, we seem to spend all of our time looking for people to blame. Politicians preen before the camera "to show their anger." What are they angry about?

The idea that politicians have to "show our pain" when there is a problem, means that instead of dealing with the problem, we spend all of our time trying to show how angry we are and how angry we are at whoever we think "caused" the problem.

James Carville's rant against Obama this week is an example of stupidity in action. Just what exactly is Obama supposed to do. Carville, as usual, is all emotion and no thought.

The Gulf Oil Spill is an unfortunate accident of historic proportions. It is useful to know what caused it, so that, in the future, we can design ways to avoid such spillage in the future. We need calm, not hysteria. We need solutions, not the blame game.

Obama, interestingly, was on the right track in his initial reactions to this tragedy. He left the clean up operation to BP. That's the right solution. BP has an enormous incentive to get this under control. Politicians look to get elected. But, BP is the only entity with the expertise and incentive to solve this problem. Give them support and get this thing fixed. Afterwards, then you can go on talk shows and bitch and bitch and bitch. But, that sort of behavior is not helpful now.

We need offshore drilling and we need to think hard about how to prevent future accidents. But, they will happen anyway. Things happen. Dealing with such problems as an emotional outlook to vent frustration is not helpful.

On this one, Obama is innocent.