Thursday, May 20, 2010

Obama Policies Bearing Fruit

The Obama policies are beginning to bear fruit. Unemployment claims are rising, leading indicators are falling, and stocks markets are collapsing. The financial service industry is in a state of free fall due to the overburdening regulations that are proposed and those that have been implemented. Credit has dried up for a large group of middle Americans and small businesses thanks to :1) Obama credit card reform and ii) Obama mortgage reform. The recently enacted health care bill has put hiring on hold for most businesses and hospitals and doctors are retrenching in expectation of the new government takeover of health care. Meanwhile the constant demonizing of businesses and companies by Obama and leading Congressional Democrats has further soured the business climate. Finally, Obama's widely publicized push to get the IMF and Germany and France to bailout Greece and other profligate economies has helped to bring on the collapse of the Euro and the destabilization of European economies and political environment. Obama policies are succeeding in destroying any serious chances of a strong economic recovery, both here and in Europe. Perfectly predictable. Thanks, Mr. President.