Friday, May 14, 2010

Obama Just Cannot Resist Being Negative

Now that he has pummelled the financial service industry into submission, Obama is back after the oil companies. Instead of looking for constructive solutions to America's problems, Obama repeats his recurrent themes of fingerpointing and the blame game. Is that all there is?

One thing for sure, there is oil to be discovered in the Gulf, whether Obama likes it or not? Why not try to be helpful instead of simply villifying people who are working very hard to deal with a major accident? Isn't fixing the problem the real issue instead of after-the-fact name calling?

Obama seems to think that the "bully pulpit of the presidency" is meant to bully people who are in no position to defend themselves, regardless of right or wrong or legality.

When will Obama turn constructive? Ever? When will he defend America's free enterprise system? Ever?

Don't expect much hiring with this President in office.