Wednesday, May 19, 2010

As Expected: Doctors Refusing Medicare Patients

An article in the Houston Chronicle on Monday by Todd Ackerman lays out the cold hard facts about Medicare and Obamacare. Doctors are increasingly refusing to take medicare patients because the reimbursement rates are too low. The article quotes a Dallas family practice doctor, Dr. Guy Culpepper, who says that:

"You do Medicare for God and country because you lose money on it."

In March of this year, Dr. Culpepper made the decision that many other doctors, in record numbers, are now making. He now refuses to treat medicare patients.

Obamacare legislation, recently enacted, strips out 21 percent of current medicare funding to pay for all of its explosively expensive mandates. Some of those mandates provide subsidies for families with twice the average national income, while denying reimbursement for the low income elderly. Increasing numbers of seniors will now be denied health care under medicare due to Obama. This transfers resources from the poor to affluent. This is Obama's idea of fairness.

The callousness of the Obama Administration is without precedent in American history. While Obama repeatedly claimed that no one's health insurance would change and that health care would be improved by Obamacare, it is increasingly obvious that Obama was not telling the truth. He knew when he made these claims that they were false.

Now, the facts are establishing that health care for the elderly is imploding. The promise of medicare is a false promise that will eventually leave America's elder citizens without health care access. This will be one of the many disastrous legacies of the Obama Adminstration. But, what do they care. Obama and his political cronies won't be relying on medicare anyway. They have a much better program funded by taxpayers, but unavailable to taxpayers. This is Obama's idea of fairness.

Check out the Houston Chronicle story. It's a window into the future for our elderly and it is not good: