Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thomas Friedman is Wacko

Thomas Friedman's opinion piece, "Global Weirding," typifies the approach of the global warming advocates. First and foremost, all weather outcomes seem consistent with the global warming hypothesis, according to Friedman. Extreme cold, extreme heat, no change in temperature, all of the above. Whatever occurs validates their hypothesis and condemns global warming critics to the "anti-science" category.

To prove this Friedman cites "..a leading climate writer ..." whose website, according to Friedman, has "a listing of the best scientific papers on every aspect of climate change..." Visit the website and you will see that, once again, the climate change boys have pulled a fast one. There are zero, yes zero, scientific papers cited on the the Joseph Romm website, unless you call popular puff pieces written on "global warming" by folks with political and literary backgrounds, scientific. There are zero pieces on the website by anyone with a scientific pedigree remotely connected with climate change.

Did Friedman bother to check out this web site before he touted it in his column? This kind of journalism is why the NY Times is losing its credibility and its readership and why Thomas Friedman seems more and more like Paul Krugman. Krugman and Friedman believe that facts and science are irrelevant. All that matters is being in lockstep with various mythologies that captivate Hollywood personalities.