Friday, February 26, 2010

The President as Moderator

To no one's surprise, President Obama had no intention of actually listening to anyone but himself at yesterday's "Health Care Summit." Hoping to catch the Republicans napping, the President, in his usual megalomaniacal fashion, assumed that his shining performance would change the arithmetic on health care.

So, the President proceeded, as he always does, to distort the facts and deny the obvious truths about his "insurance reform bill." The preposterous notion that expanding medicare, mandating untold new insurance requirements, fining businesses who don't go along, forcing American citizens to buy something they don't want and don't need, and so forth would do anything but harm is so absurd as to be laughable. But, the President wasn't laughing.

Instead, there were the usual idiosyncratic sob stories about folks who were sick and got a bad deal from their insurance company (or did not have insurance). Those sob stories, which are completely irrelevant to the issue at hand, were used to justify the most absurd and ridiculous piece of legislation in the last one hundred years.

The public sees through the Obama show and by huge numbers is opposed to the President's plan and he knows it. Does he care? No. The arrogance of this President has no bounds. Democracy is irrelevant. What matters is what Barrack Obama thinks and all thinking stops there, in his mind.

As a moderator, the President looked ridiculous. He frowned, pouted, looked angry, but clearly did not look like some neutral bystander listening with interest. It was clear that Obama could care less what anyone said. He knows what he wants: "my way or the highway" is the Obama governance strategy. Obama's face told all.

Now, it remains to be seen if, Chavez-like, the President tries to use brute force to get his way. The President hasn't got a bi-partisan bone in his body. He thinks bi-partisanship is when everyone agrees with him.

The public is not fooled. If he gets his way on his health care bill (which I don't think he will), he will be a one-term President, who will go down in history as the least successful President in the country's history. Who would have thought that Obama would make the country miss George Bush? But, that is now happening according to recent polls.