Monday, February 1, 2010

Same Old Obama -- Blame The Last Ten Years

This morning the President twisted history a bit to deflect attention away from the runaway spending that he, yes he, has initiated. George Bush did not have anything to do with the $ 800 billion bill wasteful spending that Congress passed at Obama's urgings last January. George Bush had nothing to do with enormous increase in discretionary spending done at President Obama's behest. George Bush did not propose the climate change bill and the health care bill that have frozen the business community into solidity. Take credit where credit is due: President Obama holds the record as biggest spender and deficit financer in the history of the planet. He seems out to break his own record with the $ 3.8 trillion spending announced today for the coming fiscal year. Maybe the Nobel Prize committee can come up with an award for profligacy. Obama would certainly win it on merit.

Someone needs to tell Obama that he is the President, not George Bush. Folks are getting tired of the same old excuse for incompetence. Obama is making the Bush Administration look like a model of transparency and competency. The hypocrisy in the President's talk on the budget today is amazing. All of this is fooling no one. The so-called post-State of the Union "bounce" in the polls did not happen this time -- one of the first times in history that a sitting president got no benefit from his State of the Union address. Gallup showed the President's popularity stuck at 47 three days after the SOTU address, meaning no change. The public is tired of partisanship and obfuscation. Somebody needs to get through to the White House: enough is enough.

The problem with the national debt and the deficit is the growth in entitlement spending, a subject the President did not mention in his talk today. You can eliminate all other spending but social security and medicare and it will not matter -- the country still goes bankrupt. Why can't the President see this?