Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Meanwhile, Back to Health Care Reform

The President seems to have a one issue agenda in reality -- health care reform. He just cannot let it go. But, it is gone.

The economy is the issue that Americans care about, not health care reform, but the White House is relentless. One wonders after the Republicans take the House and Senate in November, if Obama will continue his quest for health care reform. Will this ever end?

For those who care, the economy has collapsed and shows no real sign of much recovery. Job losses have slowed but job creation is nowhere in sight. The economy is flatter than a pancake. The next shoe to fall is state and local government layoffs (for the pretty much the same reason that Greece, Portugal, and Spain are falling apart). What then?

At some point, there needs to be private sector job creation, but this Adminstration abhors the private economy and villifies business at every opportunity -- insurance, oil, Wall Street -- who's next? Businessmen are the enemy. Sounds good on the stump, doesn't it? But, such rhetoric doesn't warm up the job creation machine.

So, the President wanders back to the centerpiece of his failed agenda -- health care reform. The President makes Don Quixote look like a realist.