Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Obama Is Getting Desperate

The meeting with Republicans by President Obama was a last ditch effort on his part to salvage the unsalvageable. The health care plan pushed by the President is dead. It cannot be revived. The Democrats know this; the Republicans know this. Only the White House remains in denial.

Obama's State of the Union Address received zero bounce in the opinion polls. His polling favorability numbers never increased and are now falling once more.

The President's national polling numbers reflect the views expressed by voters in Massachusetts, New Jersey and Virginia. The President's agenda is arguably the most politically unpopular agenda in American history.

Up to now, the polls showed that the President remained popular but his agenda was not popular. That is changing. Now the President is catching up with his agenda. They are both now unpopular. Most polls in the last few weeks show that more Americans view President Obama unfavorably than view him favorably. This can only get worse for the President.

Sarah Palin's favorables are now higher than Obama's. And all the polls show that the public agrees with Sarah Palin's views and disagrees with the views of Obama.

But, Obama trudges on. Hoping against hope that some Republicans will swim toward the sinking Obama ship and sign on to his health care plan. It's not going to happen. Continuing to push this lost cause will only lead to further erosion of support for the President.