Monday, January 18, 2010

So Much for Democracy

With the polls showing that over 60 percent of Americans are opposed to the Obama Health Care Plan, the Administration forges on. By Tuesday night, the state of Massachusetts will elect it's first Republican senator in half a century, mainly because one-fourth of registered Democrats and two-thirds of independents are voting for the Republican in an effort to stop Obama's Health Care Plan.

There is no question what the public mindset is on Obamacare. The public is overwhelmingly opposed.

This cuts no ice with the "post-partisan" crowd that currently runs the White House and the Democratic Congress. They know best. The public be damned.

Now we hear talk of plan B. In various forms, plan B amounts to breaking a variety of long standing parliamentary rules of Congress to force the health care bill toward passage. So much for democracy. This is the most arrogant president in American history. He could care less what the public thinks.