Saturday, January 9, 2010

Obama and Jobs

It is still unclear to the President how the country loses jobs. His theory, apparently, was that George Bush was the main reason. But, of course, George Bush is no longer president, so why don't employers rush to hire more workers? I am sure that ponderous question keeps the President up late at night.

The December jobs report showing a continued loss in jobs simply documents the obvious. The economy is not producing new jobs. The stimulus package was a flop. The Obama Administration may play well in the home of wealthy left wingers, but it is a continuing disaster for the average American.

It's time for a little Economics 101 for the White House. Here goes: Employers hire people to make money. Surprise, surprise. That's the whole story. There is no other story.

The net effect of the Obama program is to encourage American business, if they intend to expand their business, to outsource American jobs to China, India, anywhere where government policy does not actively discourage hiring. Businesses will find a way to recover without hiring American workers, because the Obama folks have made hiring American workers too expensive.

The war on American business being conducted by the Obama Administration will not create jobs, but will instead prolong and deepen the current economic recession.

There is no sign that Obama and the Democrats get the message. Ideology continues to trump common sense in this Administration.