Friday, January 22, 2010

Obama Goes Off the Deep End in Ohio

Today's speech in Ohio shows that President Obama is back on the campaign trail. Gone are any illusions about bi-partisan government, economic recovery, and the new politics.

This, I guess, is the best that David Axelrod and Rahm Emmanuel can dream up to counter the Democratic disaster in Massachusetts earlier this week. The angry man approach is the new Obama.

Instead of owning up to the failure of the Obama Agenda for his first twelve months in office, Obama has now chosen to tack to the Howard Dean fringe strategy. The shrill speech given in Ohio today shows that Obama no longer has an agenda -- just anger and vituperative rhetoric.

Because Bush and Obama poured hundreds of billions into the bailouts, Obama now feels that he needs to attack those self same institutions that received the bailout (exempting, of course the favorites: FNM, FMC, AIG) . Who cares if this negative rhetoric prolongs the recession? Who cares if it increases the ranks of the unemployed? Certainly not President Obama. He has another agenda -- politics.