Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Here Comes Nothing

The preview of tomorrow night's State of the Union being leaked tonight by the White House suggests that the President has no intention of dealing with the battered US economy. Instead the President will defend his first year in office and provide a variety of meaningless morsels: "middle class tax incentives" and phony "spending freezes." The latter items demonstrate mostly that this President hasn't got a clue why voters are in revolt and has no real interest in dealing with the problems of a depressed economy and staggeringly high levels of unemployment.

The stunning results of the Massachusetts Senate race seems to have been interpreted by the President as support for his agenda. The President seems to think that all Massachusetts voters were really expressing was anger at Wall Street. It's a free country...believe what you want. But, don't expect everybody else to buy into this nonsense. Polls show that folks are opposed to the President's agenda...and not just in Massachusetts....nationwide. Independents, nationwide, are against the Obama agenda and not just against it, but strongly against it.

So, here comes nothing. The President has learned nothing. His real education will come in nine months. Then, I guess, he will blame George Bush for the Democratic Party losing control of Congress. I guess it makes sense....to Obama, anyway.