Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Morning in America

The election results in Massachusetts ring a loud bell for free markets. Voters in Massachusetts, and throughout the United States, are opposed to Obamacare and opposed to industry bailouts by taxpayers. If the Administration does not abandon these extremely unpopular policies, the Massachusetts results will be repeated throughout the country this coming November.

America's number one problem is joblessness. The, now embarrassing, "stimulus package" passed last February did nothing to slow the loss of jobs in the economy. That is no accident. The $ 800 billion was mostly payback to supporters of Barrack Obama. That's it and nothing more. There was never any intent by the Obama Administration to stimulate jobs or improve the economy. As if to reinforce his lack of concern for the economy, the President used the bully pulpit of the presidency to demonize and demoralize business in a seeming effort to crush the economy under his rhetoric. In this effort, he succeeded. Obama made things far, far worse than they would have been by his rhetoric and by his proposals.

It is clear now that the Obama Administration underestimated the weakness in the economy a year ago. Worse, their ill-advised and intemperate attacks on business have made matters worse. The final straws were "health care reform" and "cap and trade." By mid-year business was terrified of the new Administration, as it watched the President shaking hands with Hugo Chavez and intervening in Central America on the side of Chavez's allies. It seemed as if Barrack Obama lived in some world quite different from that inhabited by ordinary Americans. "Welcome back Carter," was a slogan that aptly fit the new administration.

Now the voters, especially independent voters, have sent the message one more time. So far, the White House isn't listening. The arrogance that has characterized the Obama Administration continues unabated. But, now the cavalry is coming in November. Obama no longer really matters.

Americans like their free markets and will vote to keep them. It is morning in America once again.