Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Obamacare -- Tonight's Press Conference

Obama's logic is that only the government can lower prices and make health care affordable. Can't we apply that same reasoning to housing and food and pretty much everything else? Why not let the government take over all business and all industries? That seems to be the logic of his argument. Why not foodicare? Isn't food important? Doesn't everyone have the right to food at a low price? Same for housing! Same for transportation! Doesn't everyone need a computer at a low price? Why not just nationalize everything and then let Obama tell us what we need and what we don't need? I think I've seen that system before.

Obama said that his administration cut $ 2.2 Trillion out of the next ten years budget. That is actually false. There are no Obama cuts. That number arises by assuming that Iraq war spending goes to zero in 2011 and years beyond. There are no cuts. Obama is, at best, confused, at worse deliberately misleading the public.

Obama said that there are too many unnecessary medical tests. Correct. The main culprit is the raft of lawsuits that descend on doctors who do not test for every conceivable possibility. But, Obama is supported by plaintiff lawyers. So, he supports the lawsuit bonanzas led by the John Edwardses of the world. No other country permits these lawsuits. Obama knows that. But, those are his supporters, so he supports these outrageous lawsuits. The excess tests have nothing to do with the private insurance system and have everything to do with the litigation that surrounds the medical practice. Ask any doctor. Doesn't Obama understand this?

Things would be worse now, says Obama, if we had not bailed out the banks. Really? The economy sure looks good now, doesn't it? Way to go!!

According to Obama, having the "government option" will "make sure there is some competition out there." Is he kidding? Why not have a government option in every business "to make sure there is some competition out there." Is Medicare a form of this competition? Does Obama understand anything about capitalism? Does he like the way the government runs the postal system? Is Obama kidding?

You have to wonder if Obama is getting enough sleep.