Friday, July 17, 2009

Congressional Budget Office Weighs In

Thank goodness for the CBO (the Congressional Budget Office). The truth shines upon the health care bill now rampaging through Congress. As the CBO pointed out yesterday, the health care bill will dramatically increase health care costs, not the reverse. This is exactly the opposite of what Obama has been saying. In fact, Obama claims that the main reason to enact "health care reform" is to lower health care costs. The CBO, controlled by the Democrats in Congress, says no way. Obama is wrong according to the CBO.

This won't deter the president, however. He seems to believe that if you repeat something that is false long enough and often enough, people will be fooled. Thanks to the CBO that may not happen on health care.

Just as "cap and trade" is not a "jobs bill" but a job killer bill, the health care bill could easily bankrupt the US unless costs are controlled by outlawing most health procedures that are routinely available to all Americans today with our existing health care system.

Hopefully, the Congress will face up to the truth about these initiatives before significant long term damage is done to the country -- damage that may not be easily reversible. It would be a shame if this damage was built upon a foundation of misleading and false statements from the president.