Sunday, July 5, 2009

How to Crush The Housing Market by B Obama

The latest Obama inspired intiative to crush the housing market (wonder why Obama would want to do that?) is the little noticed requirement in the "cap and trade" bill that passed the House of Representatives that would require homeowners to certify that their home was "energy efficient" before they could sell the home. Great idea! People are having trouble selling their homes already. With this in the law, maybe folks will just give up entirely. That should reduce the inventory of unsold homes by discouraging people from trying to sell them in the first place. Another "smart" idea from the Obama team.

I think I will email the Obama team with an idea that fits with their current thinking on housing. Why not cut the unemployment rate by forbidding unemployed workers from looking for a job unless they can prove that they are "energy efficient" people? That should cut down on the number of the unemployment looking for work and therefore cut the unemployment rate. It would also give lip service to "energy efficiency" without really doing anything.