Thursday, July 23, 2009

NY Times Sees the Light

The New York Times, took a break from bashing Sarah Palin, long enough to point out the number of misstatements by President Obama in his press conference held last night. The biggest misstatement was his comment about taking $ 2 Trillion out of the budget over the next ten years. As the Times correctly notes, $ 1.5 Trillion had already been eliminated by former President George Bush in his negotiated exit strategy signed with the Iraq government, back in 2008. (The other $ 700 billion reduction is a mirage). So much for Obama cuts. Another fabrication (this is the polite way of putting it).

The Times further took the president to task for misstating the support of the AMA and other medical groups for his proposals. Additionally, he mislead the nation about the bipartisan nature of his Senate bill. On and on. As the Times and others are learning, if you hear Obama say the "sky is blue," better go get your umbrella.

The NY Times also has an intriguing article showing that unemployment is much larger than is consistent with the decline in GDP in this recession. As the Times notes, all indications are that employment is not likely to improve much going forward. No kidding. Must be the case that businesses are keeping up with Congressional activities. It will be a rare businessman showing any interest in hiring anyone given cap and trade, health care reform and card check.

It's good to see the NY Times wake up and smell the coffee.