Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cap and Trade Once More

No one seriously believes that cap and trade legislation will have any impact on climate change anymore. India, this week, and China, week after week, have made it clear that they are not signing on to carbon emission caps....period. If China and India don't sign on, then it doesn't make any difference what the US does. Hillary Clinton went so far, last week, as to say, in India, that it isn't fair to ask less developed countries to "make sacrifices" when they are so far behind the developed countries. They agree. So forget about reducing global carbon emissions. That isn't happening -- cap and trade or no cap and trade.

So, the Obama crowd now sings a different tune. Now, cap and trade is about "energy independence." How interesting! I suppose if we destroyed our domestic corn crop we would be promoting "food independence." Or suppose we burned down all of our trees, we would be creating "wood indendence." This is a novel theme. By destroying our domestic coal industry, we promote energy independence. Heck, why not just outlaw the use of energy in the US in any form. That would create "energy independence" overnight. Perhaps, China and India would go along with outlawing energy in their countries as well. Sounds like a plan.