Thursday, September 10, 2009

Obama Addresses the Congress

This was a very strange speech. At least a third of the speech was devoted to arguing that his critics are: 1) liars; 2) misinformed; 3) disingenuous. Wonder why all the polemics and anger?

Should critics not question the $ 600 billion that Obama claims he will save in medicare spending? Does that level of savings, while cutting no services, sound even remotely plausible? Should critics not wonder how one keeps their present insurance if their employer decides to get rid of it and go for the 8 percent penalty or the public option? Should critics not wonder how adding a government option improves the competitive landscape? Should critics not wonder why the current malpractice lawsuits, not permitted in any other developed country in the world, should not be curbed? Should critics not question "panels" whose job is to recommend medical processes for "end of life" care as mentioned in several of the current bills before Congress? (Perhaps there is a nicer expression than "death panels," but the meaning is obvious). Should critics not question how you provide 55 million people with health insurance, add numerous costly provisions to everyone's health care (whether they want it or not), and still have no federal budget impact?

Are all of these critics guilty of bad motives? At what point does Obama face the facts that a 20 vote margin in the US Senate and a 70 vote margin in the House of Representatives means the Democrats can pass whatever they want, even if there a few Democratic dissenters. Obviously, his problem is much larger than opposition Republicans and a few Democratic dissenters. All the polls now show that the public is overwhelmingly opposed to Obama's health care plan. In fact, recent polls are now showing, for the first time, that a majority of the public is now opposed to Obama himself -- not just opposed to his programs. Look for Obama's situation to deteriorate.

Ad hominem arguments from Obama cannot change the cold hard facts. The country does not need or want Obamacare. The country wants and needs economic recovery, not Obamacare.

Obama should stick to arguing his position and quit questioning the motives of those who have legitimate disagreement with his poorly thought out agenda.