Monday, September 28, 2009

10.9 Million and Counting

The Urban Institute study of Medicaid and SCHIP (that's the so-called Children's Health Insurance Program) estimated that 10.9 Million people, eligible for these programs under the law, failed to sign up for them in 2007. That accounts for more than twenty percent of the people that "don't have insurance." Why haven't they signed up? You think that that many people are not aware of their eligibility? Why doesn't the Congress check into that? I didn't notice Senator Baucus commenting on that particular problem. Who is to say these same folks are going to sign up for Obamacare, when they don't bother to sign up for its current equivalent?

Almost 20 million people who don't have health insurance currently have income that is twenty five percent higher than the average income in America. Why don't they buy insurance? Should we tax the average American to pay for folks who have twenty five percent more income than they have?

For many, not bothering with health insurance is a perfectly rational decision. Those currently with health insurance want to keep what they have. What is the point of the Obama push to nationalize health care?