Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's Not About Poor People

Obama has shifted the focus of his health care reform to the assertion that government works better than the free market. Obama is no longer concerned about the provision of health care, but instead is mainly interested in the provision of health insurance. He feels the necessity to subsidize families whose income is above the national average -- a sort of reverse-Robin Hood plan whereby the average taxpayer subsidizes wealthier people because these wealthier people somehow can't afford health insurance. Sounds like a plan.

Meanwhile, the Obama plan, as he said on TV last week, will slice $ 800 billion out of medicare in the next ten years. That, of course, will dramatically reduce the actual provision of health care for those over 65 currently dependent upon medicare.

The poor are receiving health care -- the best in the world. They don't need Obama or anyone else to improve their health care. They are already getting it. Medicaid covers the truly poor and no hospital turns anyone down.

So, what is Obama really doing, if not helping poor people. He's creating a government run health care program, because Obama does not believe in free markets -- whether in health care, financial services, auto, tires, or anything else.

Obama's arguments for taking over the health care industry can be extended to all other industries -- certainly to food, transportation, financial services and the entertainment industry. Why have any free markets? That must be the question that Obama asks himself when he is truly alone.