Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Health Care Without Doctors -- The Obama Plan

Investors Business Daily recently polled doctors on their future plans if Obama's health care "reforms" pass. The result: 45 percent of all doctors polled said they would seriously consider retiring and/or closing their medical practice. That's a resounding endorsement!

None of the bills before Congress expand the number of doctors and nurses that will provide Obamacare and the trend is in the other direction. Every day that passes more and more doctors refuse medicare and medicaid patients. Why? The $ 500 billion that Obama claims that he will save in Medicare and Medicaid will leave more health care practitioners to look for better paying patients or simply leave the health care profession entirely.

Obama is truly a magician. He can somehow improve our healthcare by bankrupting the nation and lowering the numbers of doctors and nurses at the same time. He may well be successful in bankrupting the nation and lowering the number of doctors and nurses, but it is doubtful that this will do much for the nation's health care.