Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"We Will Go Bankrupt.....

So said President Obama when contemplating the possibility that Obamacare may not make it through Congress. Well, that's quite an admission. So, Obama admits that we are on the way to bankruptcy as a nation. Wonder why? Try: social security, medicare, and medicaid -- Obama's three favorite programs. The only way out, according to Obama, is for him and his gang to take control of medicare and medicaid and force spending cuts. Wonder what cuts he has in mind?

Apparently there is $ 500 billion in "easy" medicare/medicaid spending cuts if only Congress will pass his Obamacare. And if they don't? Then I guess the Administration will not bother to make the "easy" $ 500 billion in spending cuts, even though it is well within their legal authority to do so. Strange policies.

Only if we agree to destroy our private insurance system and add 30 million uninsured to the insured rolls will we get to save this $ 500 billion. Why the quid pro quo? Why didn't Senator Obama push for these $ 500 billion in easy medicare/medicaid cuts before he was elected to the White House? There is an answer.

You guessed it. The $ 500 billion in savings is a myth. Only by cutting actual services to the aged that now depend on medicare and medicaid can this be accomplished.

I guess that's how we avoid bankruptcy. Let the old folks go without the care that was promised. That's change that Obama can believe in. According to the polls, not many other Americans believe it though.

The public opposition to Obamacare is now approximately two to one (that's about the same as the opposition to the closing of the Gitmo there is some consistency in the Obama approach to public issues).

We are on a path to bankruptcy, unless the 2010 and 2012 bring a real change in the political direction of the country. With Obama, it's just a question of which road to bankruptcy we take.