Friday, December 18, 2009

An Administration in Freefall

More and more, the Obama Administration looks like a failed presidency in only its first year in office. Obama says he would give himself a B+ rating as president, but the polls suggest that voters would not give Obama a passing grade.

By focusing on health care reform and ignoring the growing unemployment levels in the economy, Obama has seriously misread the national will and the economic issues that face the country. His Administration seems completely out of touch. His speech today in Copenhagen reinforced this "out of touch" theme. Polls in the US show that the American public no longer supports the Obama climate initiatives and they have lost faith in the "global warming" siren song as well. Still Obama pushes on. By suffocating the economy with new, unlegislated, EPA carbon emissions guidelines, Obama attempts to thwart the public will.

The Admistration itself is in conflict with itself. On issue after issue, the White puts forth strident views often that contradict one another and consistently White House views are in opposition to the views of the American public, as evidenced by the polls. Obama and Sarah Palin are now neck and neck in favorability ratings and it won't be long before Obama will wish wistfully to change places with Palin.

The intriguing question is: will the White House wake up? or will the White House continue on a collision course with the American public and with history.

Who would have thought....just a year ago?