Friday, December 18, 2009

Obama's "Unprecedented Deal" in Copenhagen

As President Obama ducked into Air Force One to conclude his bizarre trip to Copenhagen, he declared that "an unprecedented deal" is in the works. No details of course. China, meanwhile, announced that they had no intention of agreeing to reduce carbon emissions and signalled their long stated intention of permitting growing levels of carbon emissions from their industries. Ditto for India. So, exactly who is going to limit carbon emissions? No one in Copenhagen, that's for sure. So, one wonders what Obama means by "an unprecendented deal?"

Pundits noted that Hugo Chavez was really the star of the Copenhagen show. He received thunderous applause as he denounced capitalism and bragged about his brutal dictatorship in Venezuela. The climate summit crowd love it. Chavez and "global warming" advocates had a love fest. They are certainly on the same page. Fortunately, opinion polls now show that most Americans and Europeans no longer buy into the global warming nonsense and they don't care much for Chavez either. Wonder if Obama is noticing?