Saturday, August 22, 2009

Obama's Health Care Reform Problem

It is very simple. More than 80 percent of Americans already have health insurance and more than three-quarters of those folks are happy with their existing health insurance. Virtually all of those people are voters.

But, the President says: "You can keep your existing health insurance." Really. Most health insurance is provided by employers. Employers make that call, not employees. So, how do you "keep your existing insurance," if your employer opts for somethings else. The answer is you don't .."keep your existing health insurance." Worse, all the bills before Congress fundamentally alter all health insurance plans that will be "legal" in the future. So your plan is going to be altered whether you like it or not and regardless of what your employer may or may not think. So, unequivocally and for certain: "You will not keep your existing health insurance." It won't and cannot happen under any of the bills now circulating through Congress.

The fact that Obama continues to say: "You can keep your existing health insurance" is puzzling. He certainly knows that that statement is patently false. So, why does Obama keep saying what he knows is completely untrue?

Why doesn't Obama try the truth for a change? Admit that the various bills fundamentally alter the health care plans that most folks have. It's in the bills! Not a single bill under consideration would leave any private health insurance plans unchanged. None. Why not own up to it and confront voters with the real truth.

The public knows the truth.

If Obamacare passes, the entire country will realize that the President of the United States lied to them repeatedly about health care reform. Why? Because they will receive a notice from their insurance company announcing major changes to their existing health insurance (together with a higher insurance bill). Everyone with private insurance will get such a notice. What is Obama going to say then?