Thursday, August 13, 2009


Just imagine that that the cap-and-trade and health care bills died in Congressional committee. Just imagine that President Obama refocused his domestic priorities toward the problem of unemployment by temporarily suspending mandates on employers, abandoning his support for "card check," and applying the remaining dollars in the stimulus package to true infrastructure projects or returning the dollars that are unspent to taxpayers. Just imagine.....

The economy is bouncing along the bottom. What happens now depends upon the focus of the political powers that be. If they continue to make employees toxic, continue to push programs that imply historically high tax rates, and continue to try to micromanage the American economy, then this generation will see an economy that is characterized by high unemployment and little or no real economic growth.

There is another way. It is not too late for President Obama to think rationally. His future and our future hangs in the balance.