Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lets Face It -- David Walker is Right

"There's no question in my view that Bush was the most fiscally irresponsible president in the history of the republic." So said David Walker, Controller General of the United States during the Bush II Administration. The main villain was the infamous prescription drug bill. Walker, as he has been so often, is right on target. President George W. Bush could have vetoed the excessive spending of Congress and should never have pushed for the passage of the prescription drug bill. It is worth noting that then-Majority Leader of the Senate, Republican Senator Bill Frist of Tennessee, still touts the prescription drug bill as a great victory. I guess he likes reckless deficit spending too.

Don't be under the mistaken impression that Republicans are one whit better at fending off fiscal catastrophe than the Democrats. No party has a monopoly on virtue, when it comes to wasting taxpayer money and spiraling the US toward financial catastrophe.