Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Political Ramifications of Obama Care

The Obama White House push for an omnibus health care bill is really surprising in light of its likely political impact. Once enacted, there are few Americans that won't feel dramatic cost increases and substantial reductions in health care provision. Within the next twelve months, most American families' health care costs will rise more than thirty percent thanks to Obamacare and within twelve months, they will know it. What happens in twelve months? The 2010 Congressional elections -- that's what.

Republicans should vote for cloture and then vote against Obamacare. That way they can insure its passage. It is a free pass for the Republican Party for a generation. Virtually no American will feel better about their health care than before Obamacare. Those on Medicare will be especially aggrieved since over $ 50 billion per year of their current care is eliminated in all versions of Obamacare. The over 65 population is the single fastest growing demographic in the American population, which will become solidly Republican for years to come.

How about the young? The burden of cost is shifted to the young in this bill. The young have only slight need for health care insurance, but they will pay mightily under Obamacare. Their romantic illusions of life under Obama will be shattered by the realities of Obamacare.

There simply are no winners, except Republican politicians who will not likely be in any big hurry to roll Obamacare back. Better it stay in place as a reminder of what happens when government takes over a large sector of the economy. Too bad if you need health care.

At least with "card check," the unions are happy. No one will be happy with Obamacare. It may as well be retitled the "Republican Congressional Full Employment Act"