Thursday, October 15, 2009

More Politics as Usual

Obama is in deep trouble with seniors over his proposed health care reforms. Seniors see clearly that the $ 500 billing "savings" from Medicare over the next few years will come out of their hides. So, they are mad at Obama.

How to make up? Obama has now proposed spending (wasting?) $ 250 per person in additional spending next year (as if we don't spend (waste?) enough). The proposal includes other groups as well. Without doubt, Obama thinks this will make seniors (and others) change their mind about Obamacare. It won't.

Like all of the rest of the Obama proposals, the $ 250 per person giveaway, takes income and wealth away from unborn American citizens. They can't vote, so he socks it to them.

Politics as usual. More "Change we can believe in" I suppose.