Sunday, June 28, 2009

"Make No Mistake"

"Make no mistake, this is a jobs bill." So said Barrack Obama earlier this week while talking about the job-destroying "cap and trade" legislation. Wonder what economist believes this novel idea? A massive tax increase, for no apparent reason, is now a job creator. Way to go, Barrack.

Why not get some more jobs? If the "cap and trade" bill is a job creator, why don't we expand it? Why not raise everyone's electrical bills by $ 1,000 per month (and every business's electrical bills by $ 2,000 per month) and see how many new jobs there would be? (Under the law passed by the House of Representatives on Friday,the average American's electric bills only go up by $ 100 per month instead of $ 1,000 (and business's face a mere $ 200 per month hike on average). Surely, by the Obama logic, we can get more jobs by doing more "cap and trade").

While we are at it, why not increase the minimum wage to $ 400 per hour and see how beneficial that would be to employees? Should make them rich, shouldn't it? $ 400 bucks an hour works out to about $ 800,000 per year. Why not let Americans make $ 800,000 per year. Isn't that better than they are doing now? "Make no mistake.." increasing the minimum wage to $ 400 will help families pay their bills.....

I think the Obama plan for ten days paid sick leave guaranteed for every employee doesn't go far enough. After all, some folks get sicker than that. Why not 200 paid sick days for every employee in America paid for by their employer? That would be really neat. Should, "make no mistake," create even more jobs.

What about the Obama plan to require all employers (with 10 or more employees) to provide 401-K plans for their employees? Another great "jobs bill." After all, employers would have to hire someone to administer the new plan at a tremendous new cost. Those hired (?) would have jobs wouldn't they. I have a better idea. Why not require all businesses to hire a minimum of 12 people to administer the plan? Wouldn't that create a lot of new jobs? Maybe, I should email that idea to Barrack and he can incorporate it into his proposal and then he can describe that, "make no mistake," as a jobs bill.

What about "card check?" Sounds like a jobs bill to me. Think of all the gang members who could moonlight getting reluctant employees to sign cards in a "card check" explosion across the country. Instead of having a government arbitrator decide future wage and benefits for all business unionized in this manner as called for in the Obama plan, why not just let Obama himself decide what everyone should make? He seems to be able to do that for the financial services industry and for the auto industry. Why not for all employees? "Make no mistake.." this should create many, more jobs.

How about mandated (employer paid) health care? I don't think Obama's plan goes far enough? Why not have the employer pay for a chauffeured limousine to take their employees to the doctor, whenever they need medical help? I can see how that would help. It also should create jobs -- we would need more chauffeurs, wouldn't we?

Barrack Obama is either a complete idiot or prefers fantasy to reality. I am not sure which of these is the case, but "make no mistake," the cap-and-trade bill will cost millions of American jobs (permanently, as these jobs will relocate to countries that do not adopt cap-and-trade strategies, which includes most of the known world).

The US is in the process of legislating its way into an economic morass, while the world watches in disbelief. There won't be many countries following US down these blind alleys.