Tuesday, June 16, 2009

11 Million Down, 36 Million to Go

The Congressional Budget Office, controlled by the Democratic leadership in Congress, is once again raining on the President's parade. This time, the CBO angst centers on the Obama health care plan, which the CBO estimates to cost, on top of everything else, $ 1 Trillion over ten years. That assumes that an additional 11 million persons, who are not currently insured, will receive coverage under the Obama plan, leaving 36 million persons still without coverage. How's that?

Left unchecked, the Obama plan would soon have the American economy devoting most of its efforts to health care (and health care insurance). So, how do you get from here to there without a train wreck. That's easy. Cut the coverage. Once you get Americans to buy into the Obama program under that assumption that they need more health insurance coverage, the next step is to obliterate the heath care that is actually covered by the insurance.

Obama will soon discover numerous "unnecessary procedures" that will no longer be covered by health insurance and will discover numerous procedures that "cost too much" for which only fixed dollar reductions in payments will solve the problem. Too bad, if you get sick. You're illness might not be one of the "favored illnesses."

The goal of the Obama plan is insurance coverage, which is not the same thing as health care coverage. Medicare recipients are learning the cold hard facts about government reimbursement policies. The rest of the nation should be prepared for additional health insurance coverage, but dramatically declining levels of health care. Maybe now diet and exercise will take over to fill the void. Something will need to.