Thursday, May 16, 2013

Meanwhile, On The Government Front

According to President Obama, we need more provide 'fairness' for the American middle class.  The latest series of scandals -- Benghazi, the AP snooping situations, and the IRS targeting of conservative groups, should serve to show why government is not likely to be the solution to the problem of getting the economy going again.

Government scandals are not new and are certainly not limited to the Democrats.  Republicans are just as willing to bend government to their will as the Democrats.  That's why government is not the proper place to put our trust.  Our trust should belong in the free market, not in the bureaucrat, who may have another agenda.

Regulators can have a will of their own and it is very hard for the average citizen or company to fight them, especially when the regulators are willing to bend the law.

Free markets don't have political biases.  Free markets are all about individuals trying to make a better life for themselves and their families through their own efforts.

Government is about taking from one person by force and giving to another.  Those on the receiving end typically vote for politicians willing to do pretty much anything to demonize their opponents.  Again, Republicans are just as likely to do this as Democrats. 

Health care and pretty much every other endeavor should be provided in the free market.  The government should butt out.  By having medicare, medicaid and Obamacare, the US virtually guarantees that health care will be doled out according to the whims of the ascendant political party and the losers will pay and suffer the indignities of a disastrous health care system.

A good example of this is education.  Look where government employees and politicians get their education.  Then compare that to where the children of the middle class get their education.  This is the outcome you get when government is providing the service.

Pretty much the same applies to all of the provisions of government services.  The free market delivers best.  The government, ultimately, is mainly a purveyor of corruption.  Witness the current plight of the Obama Administration.