Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Vote No on the McConnell-Biden Deal!

Eric Cantor has come out against the M-B deal.  Three cheers.

What the House should do is what it historically always has done.  Legislate.  Amend this M-B deal.  Put in real spending cuts.  Ignore the tax rate issue for now, so that issues don't get confused.  Get rid of the wind energy tax credits and all of the other nonsense that the Democrats have tossed in.  Get to $ 1.6 trillion in real spending cuts or vote no.

This is the best time to conduct this fight.  Democrats may regain the House and then what?  They can do whatever they want. 

The time to fight for the country's solvency is right now.  We have the leverage now.  We will not have it if we cave here.

Going over the cliff is better than the M-B deal.  No question.  Any Republican who votes yes on this bill, as it is, should draw a primary opponent in 2014.  McConnell should definitely draw a primary opponent for agreeing to this.  Every Republican Senator who voted for this should draw a primary opponent.