Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How To Destroy Opportunity

Senator Jim Webb of Virginia and others have introduced a bill in Congress to raise the minimum wage from the current $ 7.25 to $ 9.80.  Why stop there?  Why don't they cut to the chase and raise the minimum wage to $ 20 per hour?  After all, people need more money don't they?  In fact, I would think that $ 100 per hour would solve all of our problems.  At $ 100 per hour, we would no longer have to worry about problems like poverty or inadequate income.

We should probably look into other things like guaranteed paid three month leaves of absence for all employees.  Put that on top of guaranteed health care.  How about free transportation to and from the office?  A day care center free for the children of employees?  There must be some more things that we can mandate.  This is very progressive thinking!

Great ideas!  Way to go Jim Webb!!