Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Why Not Just Make It Against the Law to Hire Anyone?

The Obama Administration seems bound and determined to eliminate job opportunities in the American economy.  The latest salvo in the war on jobs by the Obama folks is the new set of rules and regulations coming out of the EEOC (the mis-named "Equal Employment Opportunity Commission").  The new rules would force more and more mandates on companies who have the temerity to hire a handicapped worker.  The new rules force dramatically higher "reasonable accomodation" standards on firms that hire handicapped workers.

The Wall Street Journal highlights the new rules in their opinion piece today entitled (appropriately): "Disabling Common Sense."

So, what is the predicable effect of the new EEOC rules?  For certain, employers will be less willing to hire the handicapped.  For another, since the definition of the handicapped is ever-shifting and will in time encompass virtually every American, employers will be less willing to hire anyone.

The Obama plan for jobs seems to be to make it as difficult and costly as possible for employers to hire employees.  Employers aren't stupid.  They read the memos.  This is a jobless recovery by design.