Saturday, July 9, 2011

Certain Disaster is not "The Certainty We Need"

The President is still singing the same old tune that has sunk the US into the worst economic recovery in our nation's history. According to Obama what the country needs is the announcement of a deal (no matter what it is) to raise the debt ceiling. That would certainly remove uncertainty ... no question. Simply increasing the debt ceiling with a minimal effort to deal with reducing spending virtually guarantees US insolvency within a generation.

You don't really need a trained economist to see why the Obama Administration has created the worst economic recovery in US history. Just imagine what you would do if your goal was to prevent the US from recovering the dynamic engine of the 1980s and 1990s. What you would do is precisely what Obama has done.

Begin by demonizing business and business people. Make it clear that anyone who makes money is really the enemy of the country. Find ways to make labor so expensive and non-competitive that outsourcing and massive domestic unemployment will be the result. Try to expand the clout of union bosses so that small business will think twice about adding to their employee base. Expand the rights and abilities of employees to sue their employer for any reason they choose. Punish companies that plan to hire unless those folks hire union workers (think Boeing and South Carolina). Have the bureaucracy push new regulations that force business to close and layoff additional workers. Get Congress to pass laws that are vague but threatening and require decades to figure out precisely what the new laws do (Obamacare and Dodd-Frank). Bring to halt any new free trade agreements so that other countries can gain jobs that America will lose (Columbia free trade agreement, for example).

In short, wage war on the private sector with every weapon that you can muster. This is the Obama dream, but the American nightmare.